Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Sometimes less is more ~

Soon available in my shop:

Sometimes less is more ~ these new diamond shaped earrings are made from matte and opaque ivory-coloured Japanese seedbeads.
The natural finish, slightly uneven beads and the combination of three different bead sizes gives them a beautiful natural and organic look and a lovely touch of innocence. I think they are perfectly imperfect!
This actually started as a test. I had to find out, how my elsewise more playful worked diamond shaped earrings would look like by using just one natural colour, as this idea came up to my mind over and over. I am really happy about the result and I love them as much as their parents.
I simply enjoy beading the diamond shape by using this technique and beads in different variations. There are such endless opportunities and I just love it!!

Absolutly worth mentioning here are the new earwires I am using! They are still Sterling Silver but no industrial-produce! These very special and beautiful earwires are meticulously shaped, filed and forged by hand and then tumble polished for added strength and shine. I purchase them directly from a small one-women-metalsmithing-business!

I hope you love these earrings as much as I love beading them!

More “Diamonds” coming up soon-soon!! So, be curious and stay tuned!

Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Relaxing Sunday


Diese wunderschöne Schatzsammlung, zusammengestellt von Kasia K ~ SeaBreezeStore, machte es heute Morgen auf die Startseite von Etsy! Ich freu mich so, dabei zu sein! Vielen lieben Dank an Kasia!!



This beautiful treasury, curated by Kasia K ~ SeaBreezeStore, made it to the frontpage of Etsy this morning! I am so happy to be included! Thank you so much Kasia!! 





Fabric notebook, eco friendly, burlap cover, notebook case, pocket notebook, refillable notebook, blank book  - stripe blue 


Fabric Notebook by the curator Kasia K from the SeaBreezeStore







Wooden Blue Bird - Painted Rustic Home Decor Antiqued Wood Sculpture Art 


Wooden Blue Bird - Sculpture Art by Popielnik

bracelet AGUAYO


Pencil Holder, Office Desk Decor, Abstract Shape Ornament , Unique Decor, Natural Beige Brown Home Decor, Shelf Ornament 

Pôle Necklace in black - Geometric necklace - Handmade beads - Facetted beads - Choker necklace 

Zen Infinity Sheer Tank Top - Gray Chiffon Summer Beach Crop Top Infinity Sign Print Black and Turquoise Blue Print 

Tree Block Print Hand Carved 


Brown necklace Rustic jewelry Natural linen necklace with glass beads Boho Bohemian Spring fashion Multi strand Mother's Day gift 

Women felted scarf cobweb felt wool silk shawl - brown beige - boho - Mothers day gift  - natural neutral - autumn scarf  

Blackbird hand printed and embroidered linen handbag - summer purse, woodland wedding, nature, bird, one of a kind art 

Happy Rings, Handbeaded Ring in Champagne Gold and Rainbow Cream 

Black poncho, women poncho, hand knit poncho, knit shawl, knit cape, knit scarf, knit capelet, felted brooch, Modern Clothing 

Nature art, summer decor, heart in the sand, wall art photography, 5x7 photo print (13x18) F R E E  SHIPPING

Grey czech glass beads - picasso, luster, round spacers, druk - 6mm - 40Pc - 0441 

Handmade Salt Soap - Waikiki  Sea Salt Soap Bar - Essential Oil Sea Salt Soap 

Crochet lace bowl doily lace basket crochet basket  decorative cottage chic bowl basket shabby chic bowl mothers day gift  white home decor 

Thank you to Kasia K for this wonderful treasury!


Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Francisco Vargas ~ Animalia Woodcarvings

Vor einer Weile entdeckte ich auf Etsy diesen handgeschnitzten Kettenanhänger und war völlig begeistert! 
Ist er nicht süß?
Als ich mir den Shop, Animalia Woodcarvings anschaute stieg meine Begeisterung. Mir wurde ganz warm ums Herz beim Betrachten dieser wunderschönen, charismatischen Arbeiten. Die Liebe und Hingabe aber auch die Natürlichkeit mit der Francisco seine kleinen Kunstwerke herstellt, strahlen auf eine ganz besonders wundervollen Art durch. Zum Anderen kann man auch deutlich wahrnehmen, dass diese Arbeiten auf exakte Beobachtung und Fachwissen beruhen, die Francisco als Biologe mitbringt.
Ich war neugierig und habe ihn gefragt, wie er zum Schnitzen dieser besonderen Weise gekommen ist. Seine Antwort könnt ihr weiter unten lesen. 
Ich freu mich sehr Francisco mit einigen seinen unikaten Werken hier vorzustellen!


 A little while ago I dicovered this hand carved pendant on Etsy and I was totally thrilled! 
Isn't it sweet?
As I was looking through the shop of Animalia Woodcarvings my enthusiasm rised. I felt the warmth while looking at these beautiful and charismatic works. In a very special and wonderful way all the love and devotion but also naturalness shines through of how Francisco works his gorgeous pieces of art. On the other side one can clearly notice that these works base on an exact watching and expert knowledge of a biologist. As I was curious I asked Francisco how he got to wood carving in this special way. Below you can read his answer.
I am very happy to introduce Francisco with some of his unique works here!

Sloth necklace carved from argentinian lignum vitae wood 

Sloth Necklace Carved From Argentinian Lignum Vitae Wood








 "I was born and raised in Mexico City. From an early age I got interested in woodcarving thanks to my grandfather that gave me pieces of wood to play. He sold firewood.
When the time came to choose a major to study at college, it was not difficult to choose Biology over other majors because I have always been intrigued by nature and would love to learn more about the different ecosystems, how everything is connected and how we can protect them. I have been fortunate to work with different species of sea turtles, one of them being the leatherback.. I did this for 18 years working in the gorgeous state of Guerrero in Mexico. Currently I work in the State of Chihuahua, my “office” is a beautiful desert called Samalayuca.

My carvings show my love for nature, I mostly carve animals from different types of woods, using cut-offs and driftwood. I also use other eco friendly materials like coconut shell and avocado pits. Carving is my way of way expressing my love for nature".


Manatee pendant / necklace hand carved from mora wood / exotic wood

Small bolson tortoise (Gopherus flavomarginatus) hatchling / pipping woodcarving / sculpture

Small Bolson Tortoise (Gopherus Flavomarginatus) Hatchling /

Pipping Woodcarving / Sculpture







Sea turtle necklace / pendant hand carved from red mangrove / driftwood 


Sea Turtle Necklace / Pendant Hand Carved From Red Mangrove / Driftwood







Dolphin necklace / pendant handcarved from padauk wood / exotic wood 


Dolphin Necklace / Pendant Handcarved From Padauk Wood / Exotic Wood







Lizard sculpture / pendant / necklace carved from avocado pit / seed 


Lizard Sculpture / Pendant / Necklace Carved From Avocado Pit / Seed







Marbled Salamander (Ambystoma opacum) wood carving / sculpture, handcarved from driftwood 


Marbled Salamander (Ambystoma Opacum) Wood Carving / Sculpture, Handcarved From Driftwood







Coconut shell tortoise necklace 


Coconut Shell Tortoise Necklace







Sea turtle carapace and skull woodcarving / wood sculpture. Hand carved from driftwood 


Sea Turtle Carapace And Skull Woodcarving / Wood Sculpture. Hand Carved From Driftwood






I hope you love Francisco's arts as much as I do!



 Hier findet ihr mehr von und über,
Here you find more from and about, 

Francisco ~ Animalia Woodcarvings



Tortoise necklace / pendant carved from red mangrove / driftwood