Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Sometimes less is more ~

Soon available in my shop:

Sometimes less is more ~ these new diamond shaped earrings are made from matte and opaque ivory-coloured Japanese seedbeads.
The natural finish, slightly uneven beads and the combination of three different bead sizes gives them a beautiful natural and organic look and a lovely touch of innocence. I think they are perfectly imperfect!
This actually started as a test. I had to find out, how my elsewise more playful worked diamond shaped earrings would look like by using just one natural colour, as this idea came up to my mind over and over. I am really happy about the result and I love them as much as their parents.
I simply enjoy beading the diamond shape by using this technique and beads in different variations. There are such endless opportunities and I just love it!!

Absolutly worth mentioning here are the new earwires I am using! They are still Sterling Silver but no industrial-produce! These very special and beautiful earwires are meticulously shaped, filed and forged by hand and then tumble polished for added strength and shine. I purchase them directly from a small one-women-metalsmithing-business!

I hope you love these earrings as much as I love beading them!

More “Diamonds” coming up soon-soon!! So, be curious and stay tuned!

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